100 Days of Lockdown –

Part of Time-Lapse at the Royal Cornwall Museum

17th May – 1st August 2021

Monotony and mild stress! These are my two abiding thoughts about that first lockdown.

Like everyone else I had no idea how long it would be like this.

In a previous time I was a teacher. As a means of settling the children at the start of a lesson I used to ask them to come in and complete a simple task. I asked them to enter the class room, sit down and make a simple origami box. At the beginning of Lockdown 1 I turned to this –

a simple, repetitive task designed to get me over the starting line. These boxes – imperfect, varying in tone, the same but different – became a safe thing to do.

All together, these boxes are mesmerising. Each is worthy of individual study. No two are exactly the same colour, no two has the same highlights and yet, their origins are so similar that they have become one.

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