Recent Exhibitions

Monochrome with London Potters:  April 2019, One Paved Court, Richmond.  3 makers: Myself,  Desa Philippi, and Camilla Webb Carter

Featured in Barbara Chandlers column, Evening Standard.  Below are a selection of photographs from the exhibition.

Earthlines:  May/June 2018, a collaboration with two fine art painters both of whom use found materials in their work.  While Candide Turner Bridger makes her paint pigments from the material that she finds, Nigel Slater adds it directly to his paintings.  Together we researched and made work in response to the North Norfolk coast path and the exhibition which took place at West Barn Gallery .

Below are a few images of the work which was made for the exhibition.  You can learn more about the lead up to the event and the thinking and making which went on before it by reading the blog which was created specifically for this project.