What’s Happening?

This month Eastgate gallery in Totnes opened a new exhibition: Soaring Above is open until 14th November and features work by a number of artists, including some brand new ceramics which I delivered a couple of weeks ago.

Ceramics egg vessel using porcelain and found materials designed to be held.  Fragile and stunningly beautiful

This ceramic egg vessel inspired by a gorgeous egg found on one of my lockdown walks is on sale at Eastgate gallery.

Tremenheere gallery within the confines of the sculpture garden.  What a beautiful space to exhibit

I have also been preparing work for a very exciting project at the gallery at Tremenheere near Penzance.

I was recently invited to be part of a group called Tera Mater and this is their exhibition. The group’s main concerns are the escalating and alarming issues of global warming, climate change, biodiversity loss, water and air pollution and deforestation. These issues are very close to my own heart and I am really excited to be participating in Germination which opens on the 14th November for 2 weeks.

Germination.  An exhibition by Tera Mater. A hopeful exhibition of paintings, ceramics and art jewellery celebrating growth

Work for this exhibition is beginning to emerge from the kiln. It has been a very interesting time of experimenting. I have been firing clay with seeds embedded in it and germinating, I have been allowing germinating seeds to interact with vessels distorting them prior to firing and I have been planting a forest in porcelain cylinders with found local clays mixed into them. If you happen to be in Cornwall please try to visit the exhibition – which will be putting in place all necessary procedures to keep everyone safe. If you cannot visit in person, you can still pop online and see what is happening or you can follow progress on Facebook or Instagram.


  1. Angela Young says:

    Such an inspiring and glorious idea x

    1. Thanks Angela. It has been a fun time.

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