At Last!

Spring 2021, and I have seen every single member of the Time-Lapse team at least once this week – in the flesh!

At a time when such things have become a novelty, we have been hanging a physical exhibition – socially distanced, no hugging and face masks firmly in place – which has been in the pipeline since autumn 2020 during which time we have not met.

In fact I had never met the majority of the group before this week – not once – in real life. Yet, since that first lockdown in March 2020 we have done something remarkable. We have formed a new regional group of Design Nation (Cornwall and Devon) and then, with the support of the Royal Cornwall Museum, we have planned, prepared, staged and hung a remarkably coherent and truly thoughtful exhibition.

The exhibition, Time-Lapse, opens on 17th May 2021 and I think that everyone involved is feeling pretty proud of it.

Time-Lapse in the Philbrick Gallery, Royal Cornwall Museum

It represents our response to the isolation of the past 14 moths when, for most makers, work dried up: galleries were closed and craft fairs went online.

Let’s hope that this is the light at the end of the tunnel. May it shine bright!

Is it too early to get excited?

Porcelain ink wells made with found materials and polished

The last 12 months has been so difficult for all of us. I have tried to keep going by trialling new work and by doing lots of experiments. I have done online courses, I have gone back to previous work, I have gone way off on tangents and finally some of this is bearing fruit.

In June 2020 I became involved in the setting up of a regional group of Design Nation members in Cornwall and Devon. This has been something of a saviour for me. Firm friendships have been formed and we have been working together with the Royal Cornwall Museum to create a very special exhibition reflecting on what we have all been going through: the loss; the isolation; the loss of income and also reflecting on the places which we have spent time in: the value that we place on our environment and on the simple pleasures of seeing friends.

a square of 100 tiny porcelain boxes.  Representing repetition of days.

I have revisited earlier work and explored new ideas.

This work is now beginning to come together and I am so excited! I just hope that we are allowed to show everyone what we have been doing.

There will be much more about this in the coming weeks but I could not wait any longer to tell people what is afoot!