Bridget’s work is often narrative and always experimental; she has a deep desire for her art to tell an unambiguous story about our landscape and the way that we relate to it

Every piece of work I make begins with the same blank canvas:  a thin sheet of pure white porcelain with its connotations of beauty, value and fragility. 
Into this I mix local raw materials which I find in the side of a river; in the excavation of a hole; at the edge of a car park in the waste of a Cornish copper mine. These materials interact with the porcelain to build vibrant strata of colour and personal interest where the only limit to interpretation is the viewer’s imagination.  I delight in taking risks with materials, repeatedly refining them as I constantly strive to create thin, lustrous work which only reveals its full nature on closer inspection.

Because of the experimental nature of my work, opening the kiln is always greatly anticipated and done with a degree of nervousness.  Sometimes I am confronted with Armageddon, sometimes it feels like Christmas.

Lets Make Something Together

My greatest joy comes from making vessels which hold someone’s intimate and personal story.  By incorporating found material from the place where you became engaged or from the foundations of your family home; by adding an architects drawing of a house extension or an image of the skyline; by sealing the words of a poem inside a vessel I can bring your special place alive and make a piece of art which will last for generations. If this is something that you would be interested in, please use the Private Commissions Contact Form to get in touch.


Click on the following links to discover galleries which regularly stock my work:

Tregony Gallery, Nr Truro, Cornwall
Tonic Gallery, Salcombe
The Last Supper Gallery, London SW11

Recent Exhibitions:

Rooted, Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum

Professional organisations

Member of Design Nation since 2015

Member of Make Southwest since 2022