17th May – 1st August 2021

A record of what happened when time stopped when Covid took hold and of how artists responded and then emerged into the public domain after a period of containment and introspection. Using the exhibition as a springboard, these artists have explored the benefits of creating art as a way of coping with living through a pandemic.

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They will take you to the work which I have made for the exhibition

Quercus in the foreground with 100 days of Lockdown and Stranded on the wall behind. Photography by Robin Shelton

This time of reflection has given rise to work in response to issues observed locally but which are of International concern: 

  • Plastic which washes up on our beaches, particularly the vast quantities of commercial fishing gear.
  • The importance of native woodland and concerns about habitat destruction.
  • The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species.  
  • Reduced, repetitive lifestyles and the need for social interaction.

Design-Nation is the leading portfolio for craft, design and product in the UK.  It supports authentic, exceptional craftsmanship and design ability nationwide. 

Formed in June 2020, the Cornwall and Devon Cluster is part of a new initiative by Design-Nation to foster links between its members within regions.  We are makers of jewellery, ceramics, glass, sculptural silver, wearable art, film and textiles. Throughout 2020, despite restrictions on sales opportunities and exhibitions, we continued to work, united under the Covid-19 umbrella, responding to the restrictions which have been imposed on all our lives.  We have used our making to explore our shared experience of lockdown, boost mood and develop resilience.

Artists exhibiting:

Bridget Macklin Ceramics:                  https://bridgetmacklin.com/

Alison Brown Ceramics:                     https://alisonsheltonbrown.art/

Sue Kinley:                                          https://www.susankinley.co.uk/

Lucy Spink Jewellery:                         https://www.lucyspinkjewellery.co.uk/

Abigail Brown:                                     https://www.abigailbrown.co.uk/

Maria Andrews:                                   https://malajewellerydesign.co.uk

Fiona Sperryn Textiles:                      https://fionajsperryn.com/

Lynne Speake:                                    https://www.lynnespeake.com

Maxine Greer                                      https://www.maxinegreer.com/

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