If porcelain had ears . . . . .

My greatest pleasure comes from making vessels which hold someone’s intimate and personal story.  By incorporating found material from the place where a couple became engaged or from the foundations of the family home; by adding an architects drawing of a house extension or an image of the skyline; by sealing the words of a poem inside a vessel I can bring your special place alive and make a piece of art which will last for generations.

Read what one happy customer wrote recently:

We are so glad to have met Bridget and have several of her pieces of work now and we treasure them. She captures movement and nature in a very special and unique way. She gives great advice and support – with a real insight for the end product.”

If you have a story of your own which you would like immortalised in a piece of porcelain, click here.

Click on the thumbnails to find out more about the stories of these pieces. 





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