‘A hopeful exhibition of paintings, ceramics and art jewellery celebrating growth.’

Terra Mater Art: November 9th – 21st 2021. Tremenheere

Tiny pots. 5cm diameter and around 10 cm tall. Perfect for a single flower or an inkwell.

Food Bank

Even before Coronavirus hit, 18% of children living in Cornwall live below the poverty line. This has become a far larger percentage over the last two years and, shockingly, in some parts of Cornwall 1 in 3 children now live in a family with a household income which is less than 60% of the national average. This work, 100 fragile porcelain boxes, planted with vegetable seedlings, is about this fact.

Planet Under Pressure is a statement about the feelings that I have about Mother Earth. Wouldn’t it be good if the human inhabitants of the World considered our place on our planet as one of privilege? We are just one small part of a huge cell in which the value of every part is equal and all need to be healthy for the entire structure to be healthy. If we see it as a resource for the exploitation of the Human species we are, quite simply, doomed! There is a video of the dropping of the globe here.

Seed trace cylinders

Seeds were planted in the moist clay before firing and allowed to grow. Their roots clung to the surface of the piece. Later, the seedlings burned out in the kiln and the traces were washed with oxides to show where they had been.

Lichen boulders

Slipcast ‘bounders’ washed with found clay slip and with found, fallen, lichens placed into gaps and crevaces.

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