A very special gift.

Wedding. Special anniversary. Milestone birthday.

How can you mark these most important events?

Commissioned bowl for special birthday present.  Porcelain and soil from a farm in Monmouthshire

My most recent commission began with an email but it could have been someone filling in the contact form on my website or, back in the pre Covid era, it might have been a conversation at a craft fair. But the journey begins.

Someone is looking for a unique way of saying something.

Porcelain lasts for generations and has always been linked to ideas of value and beauty. The idea of immortalising a place and combining it with these messages is special. They get in touch.

We discuss the person, the celebration and the place, we talk time scales and budgets. We think about shape and groupings – one piece or several? What will work in the space they have in mind?

They might send me photos of the location. They definitely send me a small freezer bag of soil.

This is the important part.
 soil with rich organic matter

Dig deep. Don’t send me your best garden soil, wriggling with microbes and full of leaf mould. Organic matter burns in the kiln and if there is too much, the finished piece might be full of holes!

I need the subsoil – what lies beneath. It might look like rubbish to Monty Don but to me it is gold! This is what contains the minerals which will colour your bowl. This is what identifies the place.

test piece incorporating soil from the garden of a house near Truro

I ask for a deposit of £50 at this stage. Once I receive it I will test your soil. I will make trial pieces and check for chalk or limestone which, if present, I have to remove. Once I am happy I will let you know that we are ready for the ‘main make’ and will confirm shapes and sizes.

I will keep you informed throughout the project and will send you photos at several stages.

trying out images of cricketers and the club logo on a commission for Teddington Cricket Club
Will you add an image?

A map or a line of text can work well but it can be too much. Sometimes the piece works better without adornment. I can print your images onto transparent film and try them before we make the final decision.

When the work is finished I will send you images to check that you are content. Then I will invoice you. Finally, I will pack your beautiful, unique, personal artwork using biodegradable wrapping and recycled packaging and pop it in the post.

I love making unique pieces for people to incorporate their special memories and personal stories. I can’t wait to get started on yours!

If you would like to commission me please get in touch via email or my contact form. You can also buy a gift certificate which lets the recipient make all the decisions for themselves.


  1. Alison Brown says:

    How fabulous to have documented the process of commissioning a treasure. x

    1. Thanks Alison, I love making commissions. You know that you are creating an heirloom!

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