New term, New work

The second year of the diploma is now well under way and I have been very busy planning and making for the last few weeks.  Two projects are currently under way; the Journey project which obsessed me all over the summer and a throwing project to make a working fountain.

River meanders under construction
Fountain project – in need of more work!

My journey project uses the metaphor of a river to consider life’s journey, collecting memories and experiences along the way.  I am making a series of meanders which will interlock to demonstrate progression and which will contain artefacts gathered on my walk from the mouth of the River Thames to its source.  The fountain project is proving much more fun than I had expected.  The way it will work is complicated and I am not ready to reveal it yet but I can assure you that the prototype was tested yesterday and water was successfully pumped through it to appear in the right places.  Hopefully the main piece will be slightly less warped -more structural clay – and the water which exits the holes in the fountain will be controllable enough that the water will remain in the right area and not soak the work of my neighbours during our assessment!

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