Silver Linings . . .

No idea what this is but I think it is tubular!
What is this fascination with boxes all about, I wonder?
Liquified doodle.
scan 1
Is it a lobster?? Or a lot of strangely shaped boxes arranged in a pattern?

My plan for a few days break this week was to spend it on a wonderful stretch of the Cornish Coast having a last sail before the winter storms.  Well, I got there.  I even had a swim!  But then a phone call from family in Exeter summoned us to help out and we jumped back in the car.  So here I am with plenty of time on my hands and loads of work to do.  Get on with it, Macklin, I keep telling myself.  But first let me share the results of a few doodles with you.  I have been sat in a cold boring corridor for hours doodling and wondering about my next project for college in which I am meant to reflect back over the course so far and decide on something to take to the next stage.  I am finding this difficult – so much to be improved upon!  So, while reflecting, I draw.  I suppose it is a form of automatic drawing.  I don’t think about it, I just let the pen do the walking.  Then I have been popping the doodles into Photoshop to see what happens when I mess about with them.  Would be interested to know what people thing because I actually find them rather appealing.  Or maybe that is just me . . . .

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  1. everwalker says:

    They’re all pretty, except the boxy one which looks more technical than decoractive as a doodle. I particularly like the lobster-conch thing. 🙂

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