Open Studios preparation in full swing.

blog fountain
Fountain mark II. I am delighted to know that water flows through it!
blog collapesed boxes
Collapsed boxes strewn all over the table awaiting mounting.
blog box
Box breakout.
blog boxes
Little boxes.
blog carapace 2
Carapace II
blog river vessel 1
River Vessel I

I rather think that I am getting like my father.  For years he drove my mother mad by piling ‘work in progress’ all over the dining room table.  Well at home our table is groaning with ceramics in need of finishing.  There is tidying, mounting, pricing, all sorts of fun and games to be done and my wonderful husband may be driven mad by it but he is so tolerant of me that, rather than suggesting I might retreat to the garage with it all, he simply asks how he might make himself useful.  I am so lucky!  So I am delighted to report that the cut edges of mounts will be more square than if I had done them and the work will be mounted soundly from an engineering perspective  – always a good idea when you are hanging thin, fragile ceramics on a wall!

Meanwhile, work on my fountain has come on a pace.  I have proved to myself that water flows the correct way through the prototype and the main piece, which is much more beautiful aesthetically than the prototype, is in for its final firing.  Happy, happy days!

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