Here We Go Again!

JPeg Invite without linksThere has been a bit of a party atmosphere at the studios this week.  Many more artists have been in on a more regular basis, parking has become more and more difficult, the sounds of sweeping, hammering and moving things round have been audible everywhere. The communal kettle has been pressed into such heavy use that it has finally given up the ghost! It is time to prepare for the biannual invasion of visitors which we all seem to love and fear in equal measure.

We love it because it is so great to welcome people into the workspace and chat about our work.  The feedback that you get from talking to people is invaluable for future development.  We also love it for the contacts which are made during these four days; galleries; commission opportunities; ideas for future collaboration; and of course we love it because we can sell our work!

We fear it because it means a lot of upheaval, it means exposing yourself in all your artistic vulnerability and it is absolutely exhausting!

This time Regina, the other half of studio 403, is away and so I have to go it alone.  I have very mixed emotions about this.  I shall miss Regina’s company and support and a great many people will miss admiring her amazingly small and intricate thrown work.  On the other hand I am ashamed to admit that I have taken over her space with little of a backward glance!  I have moved everything around, elbowed her out of my way and spread to cover the entire studio.  Sorry Regina!  Come back soon!

So now I have a gallery side to my studio and a working side and I shall be sitting in the space working on some current commissions when people come to visit.  This is a bit of an experiment.  In the past I have felt that it may be a bit off putting to have me sitting doing nothing when people come past.  I think there are those who do not come in because they might have to engage with me – perish the thought!  So this time I shall be occupying myself but at the same time, more than happy to chat if people would like me to.  They might come in, but on the other hand, I share the corridor with, to name but a few,  Hazel Mountford whose paintings of wildlife are frankly incredible, Louise Diggle – I love her little paintings – they are more than landscapes, I prefer to describe the as vignettes of life, Sue Kitsch, who makes the most fabulous cards to order for special occasions and Andrew Horrod, whose sensitive paintings wow me every time I wander in to ask him something.  With such a degree of choice there is a risk that people will think I am ignoring them and walk on by.

What ever happens next week, I hope that a vast crowd will visit Blue Studios at Wimbledon.  They will be in for a very special treat!

I sometimes wonder if people feel threatened by the possibility of having to engage with me.

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