My Favourite Things Chapter 3.

I first saw Fiona Byrne-Sutton’s work when I was researching for my final project on the diploma at City Lit in a book called Additions to Clay Bodies by Kathleen Standen which I was reading as part of my research.

Her website lists the tools which she takes along with her when she is out and about.  She too travels the countryside with a map, a compass, a trowel and a plastic bag.  These are the tools of the trade for the adventurer ceramicist!  More about my adventures in the New Year.  For now, just enjoy looking up a fellow maker who I have never met but with whom I empathise with completely below are a few examples of Fiona’s work but to really enjoy her, visit her website and watch her video:


Published by

Bridget Macklin

I am an artist working in the field of ceramics creating fragile porcelain pieces which are inspired by the environment or by peoples relationships with the environment and with each other and which often incorporate finds to support their narrative.

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