Busy doing nothing

The move is over.  I am now properly living on a boat and feeling almost bohemian.  I thought that once we were settled the creative vibe would return and I would be wanting to dash to the studio all the time to make.  However, if I am honest, all I want to do is to sleep.  Is it the effect of the summer, the after effect of all the moving and upheaval or am I just tired?  Not sure but the result is the same – not much happening on the making front right now.

Instead, I have been catching up with the admin – there is simply piles of it!  I have a number of things coming up in the autumn and suddenly everyone wants images of this or that.  I have multiple forms which need filling in and, worst of all, everyone seems to want my money!

So this weekend, instead of paying the bills and making things to sell, I went to Shropshire for a lovely wedding, caught up with some special people and made nothing at all.  Enjoy the link!

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