Gallery Time

I have been in the gallery all weekend  and it has been such fun!  We are having a sale to celebrate the fact that we have now been here for six months.  People have flocked through the door to admire the work and enjoy a few nibbles.  The Persian restaurant next door kindly gave us a plate of deliciousness to hand out and one of the team made a couple of plates of brownies which are frankly to die for so I am trying to ignore them today.

The window of Klaylondon in Camden ready for our summer sale.

Personally I am having a fabulous time sales-wise but I am also getting great joy from selling the work of our other artists and I am enjoying the fact that people who come into the gallery are now saying things like ‘I bought something from you a month ago and I had to come back’.  Maybe Klaylondon has arrived to stay!  We certainly feel more permanent than pop-up now.

gallery new look 2
Sold! Magpie by Gemma Wyllie and large vessel by Isvan Szabo

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