Gallery Time

I have been in the gallery all weekend  and it has been such fun!  We are having a sale to celebrate the fact that we have now been here for six months.  People have flocked through the door to admire the work and enjoy a few nibbles.  The Persian restaurant next door kindly gave us a plate of deliciousness to hand out and one of the team made a couple of plates of brownies which are frankly to die for so I am trying to ignore them today.

The window of Klaylondon in Camden ready for our summer sale.

Personally I am having a fabulous time sales-wise but I am also getting great joy from selling the work of our other artists and I am enjoying the fact that people who come into the gallery are now saying things like ‘I bought something from you a month ago and I had to come back’.  Maybe Klaylondon has arrived to stay!  We certainly feel more permanent than pop-up now.

gallery new look 2
Sold! Magpie by Gemma Wyllie and large vessel by Isvan Szabo
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Bridget Macklin

I am an artist working in the field of ceramics creating fragile porcelain pieces which are inspired by the environment or by peoples relationships with the environment and with each other and which often incorporate finds to support their narrative.

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