Future Fossils 6 – The Weight

And here it is, the next episode of the Future Fossils story. Only two more to go and I am beginning to wonder how this is going to end . . .


  1. Angela Young says:

    I loved the bckground sounds of beach and water (possibly clearer on my new computer!) and also the idea that no man should never trust another man’s weight measurements. I hope this project is enriching many people’s understanding / imagining of future fossils …. . I was intrigued / confused by the swastika – the sign that was once – I think – a symbol of wellbeing but is more often, now, redolent of fascism … . It got me thinking.

  2. alandmacklin says:

    Interesting human psychology how one abuse of a symbol can change international perception of that symbol – but perhaps not ‘
    for all time’

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