Ai Weiwei at the Royal academy

This week I visited the Ai Weiwei exhibition at the Royal Academy.  I am a bit late really, most of my friends were there weeks ago and if you haven’t been yet, well get a move on! Ai Weiwei needs little introduction and there is so much written about him by people who know a greatContinue reading “Ai Weiwei at the Royal academy”

Mind Who You Tread On . . .

Earlier this week I visited Edge, a ceramics and photography exhibition in Truro Museum by Paula Downing and her husband Antony Hosking.  There was lots to like.  The colours that Downing uses are very close to my heart.  There is something extremely Cornish and rugged about her work.  Where I prefer the sense of fragility and delicateness of porcelain, she worksContinue reading “Mind Who You Tread On . . .”