Diploma assessment over – phew

for kate 1

So the assessment is over and, although I have no idea if I did well or not, I am fairly confident that I have made it onto next year.  They certainly didn’t tell me that I had not!  So I have packed it all up and brought it back to the studio. We spent a day making shelves and also improving the lighting in the studio ready for the next Open Studios and I have managed to find homes for most things but it looks a bit like squashing a quart into a pint pot.  I will either have to sell a load or be very ruthless and chuck out the bad stuff.  Always a difficult decision.  Anyway, at least I have a bit of space in my head now to concentrate on the various commissions from the last event and I have already got cracking with those.  So if you are waiting for something, fear not.  I am on it at last.

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