The Carnival is Over

It seems to have taken me a while to come up for air at the end of term but, at last I have time to focus on how my work has progressed this year, during the diploma.  I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun or been so satisfied with my efforts as I have been during some of the projects this year.  The wall assemblage project felt like a highlight at the time but since then have come other excitements, such as discovering what happens when you use very expensive magazines as the basis for porcelain slip.  I do not think I had expected anything quite so extraordinary to happen and I am not sure that my tutors did either!  There is a lot of work to do on this process before I have made anything which does not practically explode when you approach it because of it’s fragility but I have every intention of pursuing this way of working and see how far I can push things.  On top of that, I find that I can throw!  It is a bit like riding a bike – the more you think about balance, the more likely you are to fall off.  Once I stopped caring about the result, the clay seemed to do its own thing and suddenly I was left with something resembling a pot!  experimenting with glazes has been another highlight of the year, the most exciting being my spodumene glaze which reminds me of a crust of salt crystals drying in the sun.  So what happens next?  I can hardly wait for the term to begin but before that I have some commissions to work on, some glazes to plan and a project, set by college and right up my street, entitled A Journey.  No where will that take me, I wonder!

IMG_8452 IMG_8456 IMG_8459




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Bridget Macklin

I am an artist working in the field of ceramics creating fragile porcelain pieces which are inspired by the environment or by peoples relationships with the environment and with each other and which often incorporate finds to support their narrative.

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