Oh What a Night!

I was interviewed beside the Helmet.  Apparently I was 'better than expected'
Helmet being filmed by the press.

My first ‘real’ show!  ArtRooms 2015 is a new concept in art exhibitions for London.  It is taking place in a large London hotel.  The idea is that people can visualise how the artworks might look within a home setting and have a better idea of how they might be displayed.  The exhibition has been timed to coincide with the London Art Fair so that all the international buyers are in town and if the press conference and VIP evening are anything to go by, is going to be a huge success.

I have no idea how I got invited to take part.  I suspect that it is a spin off from taking part in the Open Studio events at Wimbledon Artists Studios but however it happened it is, for me, a very exciting weekend as it represents the first time that I have dared to put my work on show in a public space and let the critics at it.

Feedback has been informative; some of it has stung, (Oh! is that art?) some has been extremely complimentary (Wonderful ideas expressed with such sensitivity) and some I shall be holding in my head for a long time –  (But you must be so young!  The ideas that you are working with here must come from such a youthful and innovative mind!!)Oh, is this art?

I have yet to sell anything this weekend but that is not what it is about.  The feeling of putting my pieces on show properly for the first time has been a mix of excitement, trepidation and pride.  You might think it is silly to wish them each goodnight before I go home each evening but, to me, it is not so very remote from the feelings that I experienced when leaving my children to fend for themselves at playgroup for the very first time.  I have to cross my fingers and wish them sweet dreams and a peaceful night.  And when I greet them again next morning it is with relief that they are still fine.


  1. AJ Curry says:

    Amazing – you must be thrilled!!!! Alan may yet be able to retire……..

    Sent from my iPad


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