A Few of my Favourite Things

There is a lot going on in the studio at the moment but either I have already shared it with you or I am not yet ready to give it the oxygen of writing more about it so I thought I would just give you a taster over the next few weeks of the kind of things that really float my boat.

I am starting with Adam Buick who’s work I adore.  So here is his website: Earth To Earth

I have tried hard (and failed miserably) to copy one of his videos so that you can enjoy it – he says it all so much better than I do! so you are going to actually click on the link yourselves.

I hope that you do – I think his way of working is fascinating.  Just in case you cant be bothered, here is one of his recent pieces:

Published by

Bridget Macklin

I am an artist working in the field of ceramics creating fragile porcelain pieces which are inspired by the environment or by peoples relationships with the environment and with each other and which often incorporate finds to support their narrative.

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