Collaborative Progress.

In the last week the Creative team has been pretty busy. The first draft of the first chapter is written, the first illustrations have been done and the ceramic response to these is now in the kiln.

I don’t want to say too much at the moment except that I am really excited by this project. In summary, this is what we are up to:

I have a passion for the environment and deep concerns for the casual way that we treat it. The reckless use of the planet’s resources and the lackadaisical attitude that we have to waste worries me greatly. If, through my art, I can facilitate greater awareness of the need for us to live in harmony with our World, I will have achieved something extremely important to me. This project is a response to beach waste. Discarded objects will be described in terms of a set of artworks and illustrated stories. Workshops will enable the public to engage with the objects and facilitate conversations. The project involves collaboration with a creative writer, an illustrator, an actor and the public to imagine what future explorers might make of objects discovered from the Anthropocene. This approach will, hopefully, enable discussions about our current attitude to our environment and whether we need to make adjustments.

More details will emerge over the coming weeks, including ways in which people can get involved. So keep watching . . . .


  1. Angela Young says:

    This is so exciting, Bridget. I too feel very sad about the way we so carelessly treat the only planet we have to live on so I’m seriously looking forward to finding out more about your project.

    1. Oh thank you for this comment, Angela. I have no idea if I can make a difference through this project but I can try!

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