It is all about how we treat this planet

The Future Fossils project is making progress but I have taken the decision to post about something different this week. It is still on the same theme but I wanted to share with you all an event which took place at the headquarters of Make Southwest, formerly The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, in Bovey Tracey at the weekend as part of their Green Maker initiative.

I set up my studio in the Mill for one day only and worked whilst chatting with people about how we can make sustainable changes in our behaviour.

The event was a collaboration between Make Southwest and Low Carbon Devon to develop conversations about how craft can be sustainable. This is something which is very dear to my heart and I was flattered to be asked to be involved. I had previously been asked if they could make a film about me and my practice and I am delighted to be able to share the film with you Here.


  1. Angela Young says:

    So lovely to see you and hear your thoughtful comments about recycling ceramics. I loved the way the video ends with ‘But it’s little things, isn’t it?’ Yes, it is. In any field of recycling. But so often I feel the little things don’t make a difference, or aren’t enough. But you’re right, they do and they are.

    1. If we all did little things, we would collectively be doing something great. It is too much to ask us all to be perfect!

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